Golden Buds China Organic Tea 400 Grams

Golden Buds China Organic Tea 400 Grams

Brand: Golden Buds
Product Code: DTS-57
Weight: 400.00g
In Stock
Price: Rs.2,382

The taste of Golden Buds China Organic Tea is smooth, full-bodied liquor with prominent flavors. This tea has medium caffeine spring delicacy at any time in the day.

Brand – Darjeeling Tea Shoppe

Origin – Darjeeling

Tea Type – Black Darjeeling Tea

Combination Of Tea Leaf - Long, twisted and rolled leaves.

Flush Season – First Flush

Caffeine - Medium, 49mg

Date of Picking – 1st April 2015

Weight – 400 Gram

Darjeeling Tea is recommended not to drink it "extremely hot", it is appreciated a higher flavor once the temperature goes a bit down.

Your ordered tea would be packed in silver lining tamper proof sealed pack.

With every order you would receive a free hand picked complimentary tea sample to explore other varieties of Darjeeling tea.

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