Margaret's Hope CH, Muscatel 100 gms

Margaret's Hope CH, Muscatel 100 gms

Brand: Giddapahar
Product Code: DTS 13
Weight: 100.00g
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Price: Rs.1,300

A long and firm finishing tea, our first offering from the Margaret's Hope plantation. The dry leaves give off a woody scent with a hint of spice. 
Contrastingly, once brewed, the aroma is sweet, reminiscent of peaches and caramel. This character is followed through in the taste of the liquor, whose body is medium and possess just the right strength.

 Rinse a teapot with hot water.

2.      Measure one teaspoon of tea leaves for each cup & put in the teapot.

3.      Boil fresh water, as soon as it starts to boil pour in the teapot.

4.      Let it brew for 4 minutes. Then stir once.

5.      We recommend 5 minutes brewing, but it can be brewed for 3 minutes or 5 minutes depending upon your taste.

6.      Pour & enjoy, preferably without milk and sugar. Darjeeling tea may be drunk at any time during the day for a refreshing taste


 Darjeeling Tea is recommended not to drink it "extremely hot", it is appreciated a higher flavor once the temperature goes a bit down.....

Your ordered tea would be packed in silver lining tamper proof sealed pack.


With every order you would receive a free hand picked complimentary tea sample to explore other varieties of Darjeeling tea.

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