Runglee Rungliot

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  • Darjeeling China Organic Tea 400 Grams
    100% fresh, hand-picked, expertly chosen 2017 Darjeeling First Flush China Organic Tea from Runglee Rungliot tea estate. The 2017 harvest offers an uplifting experience with typical fragrant notes in the cup. Brand – Darjeeling Tea Shoppe Origin – Darjeeling Tea Type – Black Tea ..
  • Darjeeling Organic Black Tea 400 Grams
    This premium tea is a great combination of delicate finish, fine taste, brilliant aroma and excellent texture. It comes from Runglee Rungliot tea estate and is perfect for summers. This is a refreshing spring delicacy that can be sipped any time of the day. Brand – Darjeeling Tea Shoppe Origin..
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