About Darjeeling Tea Shoppe

DARJEELING TEA SHOPPE was founded in 2013 by Hemendra Shaw who has been associated with the DARJEELING TEA INDUSTRY.


At Darjeeling Tea Shoppe our objective is to provide an authentic DARJEELING TEA drinking experience in a warm, friendly, no pressure environment. We assure of the best quality teas direct from the Tea Gardens, with the finest selections of teas for all Tea Lovers across the world. Since, pure and fresh Darjeeling loose leaf teas are rarely got elsewhere other than Darjeeling itself, we feel fortunate enough to be a medium to source the best of Darjeeling looses leaf teas to its tea connoisseurs worldwide.

As Connoisseurs say if it’s Wine it has to be Champagne and if it’s Tea it has to be Darjeeling tea. Most tea connoisseurs strongly feel, that it’s worth the wait and patience, to have for oneself, a pack of Pure and Fresh Darjeeling teas delivered directly from Darjeeling, a place rightly referred to as “Tea-Heaven” by tea specialists around the world.

Darjeeling Tea engrosses a place of pride for the whole of India. The aroma and taste of Darjeeling orthodox tea is unmatched in the world. There are a total of 78 tea estates in the hills which have been accorded the status for its produce, as Darjeeling Tea by the Tea Board of India. These estates cover over 17,500 hectares delivering over 9 million kg of tea engaging about 50 percent individuals of the district.

History Behind Darjeeling Tea Garden - In Darjeeling the first trial plantation of seed was planted at an altitude of 700 ft. by Dr. A Campbell and in 1845 an experimental nursery in Darjeeling was set up by the Government. In 1847 the Government planted a nursery at Lebong and the rest.

The cold and humid environment, the soil, the rainfall and the slopping terrains all combine to give Darjeeling tea its unique "Muscatel flavor" and "Exquisite Banquet". The combination of natural factors gives Darjeeling tea its unique characteristic not found anywhere else in the world. Thus, it is the most sought after and highly valued. In the affluent Western and Japanese markets, 80% of the total produce is exported every year.

Still in Darjeeling tea are manufactures through “Orthodox Process” i.e. withering or machine drying, rolling, fermenting, and sorting.

Darjeeling tea is not only about just its types, but also its flavors and different grades. However the aroma of Darjeeling tea depends on the season when it is harvested in the gardens. Often the aroma of Darjeeling tea is related with its real quality, and therefore connoisseurs of tea pay huge premiums to buy Darjeeling tea for a specific season (like spring and summer flush). And within each type and aroma of Darjeeling tea, the grade depends on the size of the tea leaves which becomes the third factor to determine the final price of the tea sold.