Rohini First Flush

First Flush Tea is plucked immediately after the long cold winter months and is bountiful with fresh flavour as the bushes are full of vigour. They are stronger in this period when compared to the summer and pre-winter. The infusion has a greenish leaf appearance and the tea tastes fresh and strong. These teas are also produced from the prime sections of the garden from the earliest production beginning from the 1st Week of March up to 15th April depending on the elevation. They brew into light mellow cups with excellent first flush character.

Leaves Appearance : Medium Twisted Leaves

Leaves Colour : Mix of dark and light green

Tea Colour : Golden Yeallow

Tea Aroma : Sweet honey

Tea Taste: Sweet and Refreshing

Leaves Type: FTGFOP1

Flush: First

Garden: Rohini

Location: Darjeeling, India

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