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  • Darjeeling Spring Flush Tea 400 Grams
    100% fresh Darjeeling spring tea harvested from Giddapahar. The first flush teas are characterized by light, clear and bright liquor got from the young green leaves and impart brisk flavors which range from being fruity with subtle hints of astringency if brewed a bit longer than usual.  &nb..
  • Darjeeling Wonder Tea 400 Grams
    This tea is a medium caffeine black tea, this one makes for a revitalizing cup that can be enjoyed throughout the day. It gives mild and smooth taste of first Flush tea.  Brand – Darjeeling Tea Shoppe Origin – Darjeeling Tea Type –Black Darjeeling Tea Combination Of Tea Leaf - Long,..
  • Giddapahar China Musk Second Flush Black Tea
    Kitchen Supplies store was founded by several enthusiasts in 2002. Those were the times when people still preferred to buy products at brick-and-mortar stores instead of buying online. Nevertheless we’ve decided to create an online shop and we are so glad to welcome you here, at our online Kitc..
  • Giddapahar China Special 100 gms
  • Giddapahar China Special 250 gms (AUTUMN FLUSH)
    This is a perfect autumnal tea from the 201 season. Giddapahar has been consistently producing great teas with a strong loyal following and Giddapahar tea lovers won't be disappointed with this tea either. The scent of the jet black dry leaf is sweet with a strong hazelnut mix to it. It pa..
  • Giddapahar Green Tea Elixir 250 gms
    The best antioxidant and the first offering of green tea in the autumnal season is from Goomtee Tea plantation - a vintage garden which has a unique history tied to it. Produces a liquor with a crystal lemon like colour that has a sweet touch to it (although some green teas have a bad p..
  • Giddapahar MOONSHINE 100 gms
    This unique white tea warrants a rare musical allusion: it is a Baroque ensemble whose flowery elements are well-balanced by a nutty/almond counterpoint; sharp and soft, sometimes a bit brisk, then modulated. It's a greatly integrated tea, which is full of character that inspires. This tea typically..
  • Giddapahar Muscatel Wonder - SFTGFOP - 1, 100gms
    This is one of the most amazing teas you coucld ever think of. Most recomended tea for this season.... ..
  • Giddapahar White Wonder 100 gms
    Flowery with a sweet grassy undertone, this is a tea that promises to refresh and recharge your senses with every single cup. Wonder Tea is a product of which Gopaldhara tea estate is justly proud. It is a vivacious, spirited and complex blend with a distinct mixed floral bouquet, a ..