Golden Buds Highlands Clonal Tea 400 Grams

Golden Buds Highlands Clonal Tea 400 Grams

Brand: Golden Buds
Product Code: DTS-63
Weight: 400.00g
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Price: Rs.2,158

Delicacy redefined, this clonal black tea renders every cup with an elegant floral tinge. Refreshing notes of magnolia persist across its flavor profile.
Its velvety bodied liquor is marked by sweet accents and hints of jasmine. This tea finishes long and with a lingering floral touch. A medium caffeine black tea, this one makes for a lively cup that can be enjoyed throughout the day.

Brand – Darjeeling Tea Shoppe

Origin – Darjeeling

Tea Type – Black Darjeeling Tea

Combination Of Tea Leaf - Light green, well-rolled leaves with tips.

Flush Season – First Flush

Caffeine - Medium, 49mg

Aroma – Fresh Floral

Date of Picking – 1st April 2015

Weight – 400 Gram

Darjeeling Tea is recommended not to drink it "extremely hot", it is appreciated a higher flavor once the temperature goes a bit down.

Your ordered tea would be packed in silver lining tamper proof sealed pack.

With every order you would receive a free hand picked complimentary tea sample to explore other varieties of Darjeeling tea.

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